Web PR

Public Relations is basically the way the public percieves you – your public image. Companies are setting up  communications between customers and the representatives of the business. The lines of communication can be through a telephone information service or over the Internet. The purpose of the communication between the representatives of a business and its customers is to foster among the customers a positive image of the company and its products. Because the public relations are important in a business activity we can't ignore it when it comes to public relations on the internet. It affects every effort of the Internet Marketing, from search engine positions to social exposure, it is vital to the Internet Marketing success.

Web  public relations is when professionals are using Internet as their main tool to get their messages to target audiences. With the creation of social networks, blogs, and even Internet radio, public relations  are able to send direct messages through these mediums that attract the target audiences. Methods used to find out what is appealing to target audiences include the use of surveys, conducting research or even focus groups. Tactics are the ways to attract target audiences by using the information gathered about that audience and directing a message to them using tools such as social mediums or other technology. Increasingly, companies are utilizing interactive social media outlets, such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook, as tools in their public relations campaigns. Unlike the traditional tools which allowed for only one-way communication, social media outlets allow the organization to engage in two-way communication, and receive immediate feedback from their  publics.

The features of WebPR can be: listening, considering, responding. Online Reputation Managers enables the companies monitor regularly the channels and listen to what is being said about them online. It can be personal blogs, personal sites, forums, social media. By responding consistently to the posts a company shows transparency and active enrollment in communication with customers. Consumer generated media cannot be controlled by the company, so the voice of the company must be there with  posts, comments and replies  in order to react when a message can infringe its image.

Online Article Syndication

Articles that provide valuable content and information, being submitted on directories, if they are interesting, informative, they are picked up and published in other sites, blogs third party sites. They are not a direct promotion of your site.  As the articles contains keywords that are relevant to your website they bring excellent search engine optimisation. As the author of the article, your website will become the authority on the article's subject (once many natural back links lead to it).
Before choosing a topic for the article you need to investigate  the key phrases associated with your site, see what has been published, what are the people's opinions about this topic. The topic needs to be relevant to your custοmers and to your website. This will drive interested visitors to your site automatically. The article must be optimized for search engines, and after the search engines have been indexed it you can subscribe it to the online syndication sites/directories. Sometimes it requires some modification according to the policies of the directories and theirs HTML guidelines, usually you add links to your age from the "About the Author" section. Among the existing directories there are: www.articlesidea.comwww.articlecache.comwww.ezinearticles.com and many others. After submitting your article, there is a while before a directory will approve to publish it, the article is checked for its relevance, usability, rather than a  advertorial. From here  the articles can be also published in blogs and other sites. Well writted and informative articles can go viral through the net, the more times it is republished the more connections you aquire, as long as the content is reproduced exactly as submitted.
Press Releases
The press releases are adding robustness at the Public Relations of a comany, being a standardised format for releasing its information. The site that are concentrating press releases are called newswires. Like in the article directories, you can subscribe your press release online. Being syndicated by RSS feeds, they are picked up by the news aggregator engines like Google News, Yahoo! News MSN News and later picked up from the news engines and published on other sites. Press Releases also need to be initially optimised to have related key phrases and links, containing information about your company and its products they are sources of traffic driven to your site.
The sites offer free and paid option for publishing the press releases, usually when choosing a free option you can't convert the releases into  HTML version. In the description you need to define the keywords relevant to the topic, and select categories with extremely important releases. From the sites you might consider to publish your press releases are:  www.prnewswire.com, www.pr.comwww.free-press-release.com, www.i-newswire.comwww.pressbuzz.com, www.pressreleasepoint.comwww.pressbox.co.uk and many others.
The benefits from press releases can be essential for the PR activity of a company. The links are built naturally from online publishing, the content is quickly syndicated via RSS, the reach factor is far higher that of traditional press release, distrubutions increases far beyond the contact lists, it can be easy trackable, well written press release ensure top rankings in the news engines and with adequate optimisation – higher search engines results page rankings.


For any company bloging is important for more reasons, the two most important are mediatzing fresh content structured by  key phrases, wich plays an essential role in SEO, and secondly it is a way for companies to get to know their customers by providing useful information. It demonstrates company's comfort with communication channels. Sometimes blogs can refer to customer generated media (CGM) containing  non-standard press releases which combines content releases and communication. Other forms of PR can be online press rooms, social media press release wich a hybrids of the common press rooms and press releases with online services.

Web PR benefits

Web PR helps to increase the reputation, distribution and the online reach of a company. Internet has provided a tool which makes the customer communication easy, a factor that shouldn't be ignored. Good implementation of web PR tactics enhance the brand awareness, search engine optimisation and company's exposure. It drives traffic into your website  from  naturally generated backlinks, improving this way your SEO.