Who we are

Bonorum has been founded in 2010  starting with Internet business consulting, growing to a large range of services from  website building, auditing and promotion through a set of Internet marketing strategies that will favor the deployment of your Internet business activity.
We are a team with experience accumulated through years, comprised of marketers, producers, creators, software engineers, economists, executives with professional background. 

What is eMarketing

eMarketing is a subset of eBusiness that utilises electronic medium to perform marketing activities in order to achieve desired marketing objectives for an organisation. As forms of eMarketing  are: Internet Marketing, Interactive Marketing and Mobile Marketing.
The benefits of eMarketing are:  - low cost via automation and use of electronic media, -ability to measure and collect data, - fast response to marketers and user, - increased interactivity, - possibility to a market through personalisation.

What we do

It is indubitable that the Internet has changed our social, cultural and economic life it has added space we can market in!  The information has become easy accessible but,  how a simple user can find you among billions of webpages?  Our goal is to  help our clients to benefit  from all the new oportunities that came with the World Wide Web.  From website developement which is the first step into bringing your business to a new level, to a variety of Internet Marketing strategies,  allowing your website to be promoted and to be found(visible), among the multiple options from the huge infrastructure, which is the very essence of it. Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising, and sales.
Among the eMarketing strategies we provide:  Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization -  can provide the secrets to gaining and keeping momentum, insuring this way search engine rankings that will translate into profits. Google AdWords usually paid per click advertising. Google Website Optimizer – optimizing the content of your website under the Google's guidelines.  Also, Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Web PR, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management.
Photography and graphic applications.
With the assistance of our highly experienced eMarketing consultants, you can choose or combine from the upper listed strategies in order to help you to create full, effective and up-to-date customer-centric/business-centric eMarketing plan, that will follow a clear executive summary, considering  macroeconomic and microeconomic factors.

Why choose us

We are an experienced  team that acts on Internet Marketing for 10 almost years, offering high quality services in eMarketing service area. As eMarketers we generally start by analyzing the current micro- and macro economic situation of the organization, observing both internal and external factors when developing an eMarketing plan considering the  trends in the  environment where a business is performed.
Our project managers are always at your disposition to make sure your projects are completed to your satisfaction.
We provide step by step feedback so you can be informed with any level of project development.
Every task is a new challenge for us, your success is our success as well.